Business Spanish

This special course is aimed at professionals in the commercial sector and students of business administration and economics. It gives an introduction to the language that is used in Spanish companies and is a good preparation for a mission abroad in a Spanish speaking country such as an internship or a new job.

The course is based on the textbook “En” and includes practical exercises for each topic. Also relevant grammar topics are introduced and practiced based on their actual use in the business environment.

General aims of the course

  • Increasing and perfecting Spanish skills and communication in the Spanish language
  • Optimizing the oral communication with Spanish-speaking people in the business world.
  • Facilitating and increasing the understanding and interpretation of graphics in Spanish economy
  • Giving general information about the characteristics of business texts
  • Giving general information on Spanish as business language

Specific aims of the course

  • Giving the students the Spanish skills that enable them
  • to acquire basic vocabulary and apply
  • to communicate with Spanish-speaking people and to use terminology and language structures from the economic sector.
  • Teaching the students the necessary basic knowledge to understand the jargon that is used in the Spanish speaking business world and especially in Spanish companies.

Overview of the course content

  • Special Spanish for students of business administration and economics, employees and entrepreneurs in the economic sector
  • Spanish labour law
  • Spanish reputation index of companies (Merco)
  • Practical Exercises on interpretation of economic graphics
  • Practical exercises on presentation techniques
  • World Bank economy and the Stock Exchange.

Dates 2020

12 July
06 September
20 September

If you are interested in taking the Business Spanish course on a different date, please consider the advice below. *

The course price includes:

  • Two weeks with 20 hours of 45 minutes per week specific lessons for the business area
  • Placement test
  • Certificate of attendance

Additionally we can book an accommodation for you.

Guarantee of tuition

In case a group of one language level is composed of less than 3 persons, the classes are held anyway. Due to the more intensive classes, the tuition time is reduced to 2/3 with 2 persons and to ½ with one person.

*Other dates

Apart from the above mentioned dates you can take the business Spanish course in the variant “Intensive Plus” or “Superintensive Plus. This course includes 20 weekly lessons of general Spanish in a group PLUS 5 resp. 10 weekly private lessons focused on business Spanish. Please let us know the most suitable dates for you and we will check availability. Contact us.