Curso de español y Senderismo

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Are you looking for a different kind of language holiday? Learning Spanish and hiking in the beautiful Natural Park Sierra de Grazalema, a Unesco Biosphere reserve since 1977, is a good plan for active people and nature lovers who want to learn and practise the Spanish language. In this holiday you will disconnect from your daily routine for sure because you keep your mind busy learning Spanish and actively relax while hiking and enjoying the scenic beauty of the Andalusian landscape. You will be taught by our highly qualified and experienced native Spanish teachers. During the hikes you will get additional practise in the Spanish language as the guide explains many interesting things in Spanish about the fascinating nature around us, in an interactive way, with translations to English for beginners. While you are walking you can easily practise Spanish with the other language students from different countries.

The one week Spanish and Hiking package  includes an intensive Spanish course with 20 lessons, the accommodation of your choice and 3 hikes in the afternoons after the Spanish course, one of them around Prado del Rey where we get to the limits of the Natural Park and the two others in the Grazalema Natural Park.

Hiking in Andalucia Route around Prado del Rey with students of spanish

The two week Spanish and Hiking package includes includes an intensive Spanish course with 40 lessons, the accommodation of your choice and 5 hikes, 2 of them around Prado del Rey and 3 in the Natural Park Sierra de Grazalema. 4 hikes are organized in the afternoon after the Spanish class and one on the weekend.

These are some of the routes in the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park that we picked for you because they are especially attractive. Among the group members you can choose the ones that suit you best and we are open to your proposals as well.

  • Río Majaceite (Río El Bosque)
    Short route along the river Río Majaceite starting in the neighbouring village El Bosque to Benamahoma, a tiny village of Moorish origin (3 h, easy). This route is even a pleasure in summer because in the shade of the abundant riverside vegetation it never gets too hot and you can go for a dip in the cool water.
  • Torreón
    Hike to the summit of the Torreón, the highest mountain in the Cadiz province (1654 m). (5 km, 3 h, medium-high difficulty). After a continuous ascent, first on a small path, then over rugged rocks to the peak where we can enjoy a breathtaking view over  of the Cadiz and Malaga province and if we are lucky we can see the coast in more than 100 km distance and even Gibraltar and the Rif, the first mountain relief of Morroco, on bright days. As this hike is in the reserve area of the Natural Park Sierra de Grazalema we need a special permit.
  • Simancón
    Hike to the peak of the Simancón. (6 h, medium difficulty). We cross a mediterranean forest passing by a natural pond where newts live and then  we ascend over ruggy rocks to the peak of the Simancón, the highest point of the Sierra del Endrinal opposite Grazalema. With a bit of luck the impressive views from the top include the Sierra Nevada, the coastline with Gibraltar and the Morrocan Rif.
  • Pinsapar
    Route through the Pinsapar, the famous Spanish Fir Forest of Grazalema, a relict species of the last Ice Ages, unique in the world (8 km, 4 h, medium difficulty). In the Tertiary period the whole Mediterranean area was covered by these forests, but in the Ice Ages they retreated, only remaining 3 woods in the mountains of Grazalema and Ronda. They find ideal cool and relatively humid conditions on the northern slopes of the Sierra del Pinar, where a small wood of Spanish firs covers some 400 hectares, especially protected against forest fire in the reserve area of the natural park. On the hike, for which we need a special permit you can explore this fascinating wood and enjoy the dazzling views from 1200 metres altitude.
  • Garganta Verde
    The Garganta Verde (Green Gorge) in the reserve area of the Grazalema Natural Park is an impressive canyon with over 400 meters deep walls carved by an underground river near the gorgeous village of Zahara de la Sierra. Due to the humidity and shade of the high walls the canyon has lush vegetation and wildlife, especially one of the biggest colony of griffon vultures that have their nests in the ruggy walls. The Garganta Verde hike affords spectacular views of the narrow canyon and the vultures circling over your heads. You can do this activity, for wich we need a special permit, as a hike until the stalactite cave Ermita de la Garganta and back or, if you feel more adventurous, as a complete canyoning tour with several exciting abseils and refreshing dips, for a small upgrade fee.
    The Garganta Verde hiking activity is 5 km long and lasts for 3 hours. The canyoning activity last for 5 hours. Both variants have a medium difficulty, whereas the hiking is the easier option.
  • Llanos del Republicano
    The hike to the Republican Plains starts in Villaluenga del Rosario, the highest village of the Cadiz province. The walk leads to an enormous green plain with lots of little streams and a spectacular cavern, the Sima del Republicano, which is one of the deepest caves in Andalusia. We will not be able to enter, unless with special equipment and a special guide, but we can see its dimensions from the entrance. The plains are the home to many goats, cows and iberian black pigs.
    The route has an easy level is 4 km long and lasts 2 hours.
  • Llanos del Rabel
    The Rabel Plains trail leaves from the Puerto de Los Acebuches between Zahara de la Sierra and Grazalema and leads us into the Reserve Area of the Grazalema Natural Park along a gentle and firm track, making it very suitable for everybody, even children, elderly people and groups (10 km, 4 h, easy). After every bend we are rewarded with more and more spectacular views to the Pinsapar and the Sierra del Pinar just in front of  us. The track leads us to a green plain which invites to make a nice picnic. From here it is worthwile to walk a small circular route that goes right into the thick of the forest where we can see and touch the giant Spanish Firs.

Be prepared for an unforgettable language holiday combining hiking in the wonderful nature of Andalusia and learning Spanish in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.


The prices include:

  • Spanish course with 20 weekly lessons
  • Hiking programme
  • Accommodation of your choice
  • Entry level test on the first day
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Selection of Spanish films and books
  • Free WiFi in the school building and the café on the ground floor
  • Welcome tour through Prado del Rey
Arrival dates 2017
12 March
26 March
09 April
24 September
08 October
22 October

Prices of the 1 week Spanish & Hiking Programme

Prices per person
Shared apartment double room 'happy to share'€ 355
Shared apartment single room€ 400
Host family single room half board€ 510
Host family single room full board€ 560
Private apartment€ 495
Hotel Del Carmen single room€ 465
Hotel Del Carmen double room€ 405
Hotel Caico's single room€ 465
Hotel Caico's double room€ 405
Hotel Dorotea cabin for 2 people€ 455
Hotel Dorotea cabin for 4 people€ 421

Prices of the 2 week Spanish & Hiking Programme

Prices per person
Shared apartment double room 'happy to share'€ 545
Shared apartment single room€ 635
Host family single room half board€ 855
Host family single room full board€ 955
Private apartment€ 850
Hotel Del Carmen single room€ 865
Hotel Del Carmen double room€ 735
Hotel Caico's single room€ 865
Hotel Caico's double room€ 735
Hotel Dorotea cabin for 2 people€ 721
Hotel Dorotea cabin for 4 people€ 658