Basic Spanish course for travellers

This course is designed for people who want to learn Spanish for travelling without learning a lot of grammar. In this course you will learn useful Spanish travel phrases, and Spanish travel vocabulary will make communication a lot easier during your travels in Spanish speaking countries.

In 10 classes per week, or 90 minutes a day you learn to express yourselves correctly in typical travel situations and you practice your skills in role-playing games, both in the classroom and in real life situations, for example in a bar, a restaurant, a supermarket, the bakery, the shoe store. As “homework” you should apply what you have learnt in class in the real life in Prado del Rey.

The duration of this course can be one or two weeks.

Arrival dates

Date 1:21 March (booked up)
Date 9:10 October
Date 2:28 MarchDate 10:17 October
Date 3:04 AprilDate 11:24 October
Date 4:11 AprilDate 12:31 October
Date 5:18 AprilDate 13:07 November
Date 6:25 April
Date 7:02 May
Date 8:09 May

For the one day visitors we have a special programme in which the participants learn and practice the most useful phrases they will need to communicate while they are travelling through Spain and other Spanish speaking countries.  They can choose between an introduction of 90 minutes (2 classes of 45 minutes) or an intensive one-day intensive course of 3 hours (4 classes of 45 minutes). Please contact us in advance to agree a suitable date.