One-to-one course

Private lessons at Academia Pradoventura

This special kind of class gives you the possibility to adjust your private lessons to your special needs and wishes. You can decide on the topics you would like to learn or practice in class and your Spanish teacher will focus on your special questions and your interests.

You can book single private lessons additionally to your regular Spanish class in a group, e.g. 2 times a week one lesson of 45 minutes in order to prepare yourself for an exam or a stay abroad.

Intensive Plus Course (+ 5 private lessons)

The course consists of 4 group lessons and one one-on-one lesson of 45 minutes per day from Monday to Friday. This special offer enables you through its combination of group and private lessons to learn faster and more effectively. Furthermore, in the private lessons, the teacher can focus on yourself and will recognize your weaknesses quickly, in order to help you turn them into your strengths.

After your group lessons, you will have your private lesson in which you will consolidate your language skills by simulating situations of daily life in role-plays with your teacher, preparing topics for an exam or practicing conversation.

Super-Intensive Plus Course (+ 10 private lessons)

The super-intensive plus course is an intensive course in a group combined with 2 private lessons of 45 minutes daily. This offer is perfect for students who want to learn as much as possible in an effective way, or who need to prepare themselves for a Spanish exam or a stay abroad in Spanish speaking countries. In the one-on-one classes, we work on vocabulary, grammar, written expression, and fluid communication. The combination of private and group lessons enables you to learn more effectively and to consolidate your acquired knowledge and additionally, you will build up a closer relationship with your teacher which will help you learn more about the Spanish language and the Spanish culture.