The school’s team

At our school you will have at your disposal a whole team of professionals who help you learn Spanish and to make your stay in Prado del Rey a completely positive and unforgettable experience.

Academia Pradoventura has a young, friendly, communicative and dynamic team of office staff and teachers. All our teachers are native speakers from Spain with a university degree in Philology, they have completed various courses in relation with teaching the Spanish language and several years of experience. Our teachers create an active and cooperative atmosphere in class and help you progress making sure you really understand the key aspects. The teachers create and share interesting complementary material to make the Spanish classes attractive and related to real life situations. Our office staff will be your contact persons for all the questions you might have during your stay. They organize the free time activities that most fit to each group’s needs and coordinate the schedule of the classes with the extracurricular activities.

Thanks to the suggestions of our students, through regular training seminars as well as self-paced training using reference books, we develop our performance continuously.

In the following we introduce ourselves.

Anja Dibbert

Director Administration and Customer Care

Directora Anja Dibbert

Anja Dibbert

Anja handles the administration work “behind the scenes” as well as the coordination of the courses and the customer care. She studied Business Administration and worked in a big international group in Germany. In 2004 she fulfilled one of her dreams and founded a company together with José Luis. In that moment she took the decision to live in Andalusia, without the stress of the big cities.

“I love meeting people and I am highly interested in the different cultures and languages. In my spare time I love doing sports in the nature (walking, hiking, climbing), meeting friends and reading, not only books but also blogs and online articles. I’m fascinated by the limitless possibilities offered by the Internet and mobile technology.”

José Luis Garrido Rodríguez

Director Marketing and Public Relations

Director José Luis Garrido Rodríguez

José Luis Garrido Rodríguez

José Luis is responsible for the marketing activities, including internet marketing, contacts with agencies, advertising and cooperation with educations institutions. He also organizes the accommodations, plans the leisure time programme and guides the excursions. He grew up as a son of Spanish emigrants in Germany, which is why he is bilingual. He is a print technician and foreign language correspondent clerk and worked in small and medium print shops. In 2004 he fulfilled one of his biggest dreams, to go back to his country of origin, and founded a company together with Anja. He has never regretted this step.

“I love languages ​​and dialects and have fun investigating the origin of words. That I’m a printing engineer is probably the reason why I love books printed on paper (I only read e-books if I’m forced to do it), and why I sometimes spend hours in a bookstore to see all the new books. My other hobbies include culture, nature and sports. In my free time I like doing long cycling tours through the countryside and discovering new things. ”

Spanish teachers 

What we all share is our passion for languages!

All the Spanish teachers of our team are natives and studied languages. Some of them studied Spanish language and literature or hispanic studies, some of them English and American language and literature or other philologies. Some of them are translators and interpreters of foreign languages or studied applied linguistics. We also cooperate with a professional speech therapist who can help you learn the Spanish pronunciation well and resolve problems with the special sounds of the Spanish language.

All the members of our team participate in continuous professional training programs and share the newest knowledge in regards to didactical aspects, group dynamics, teaching and learning processes, psychology of learning, multiple intelligences, self-esteem development for students, cooperative learning, gamification, and a long etc.

We are convinced that one never stops learning and we help you achieve your goals in regards to learning, further developing and perfectioning your command of the Spanish language.


Spanish teachers in professional training

At Academia Pradoventura we have signed agreements with the University of Cádiz and the University of Málaga and we love helping new teachers with their professional training, giving them the opportunity to bring their recently acquired knowledge to the classroom and develop practical language development sessions outside of the classroom. The more experienced teachers love to breathe the fresh air the new teachers bring to our language school from their studies at the university.