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Language school Prado del Rey

Language school in Prado del Rey, Cadiz, Spain

The soul of Academia Pradoventura

At Academia Pradoventura we are a team of educators who have the goal to make language learning a fun adventure for you – our students. You are the protagonists in this adventure. We take your needs seriously and build the classes and activities around them. We use a communicative approach to help you develop your skills in Spanish as a means of communication and foster the cooperation between all of our students, independent of their level. The Spanish classes at our language school are not only in the classroom but also in the streets, plazas, shops, bars, the park and even in the swimming pool and on the hiking trails around Prado del Rey. We strongly believe that learning in a family-like environment helps you feel more confident in using Spanish spontaneously without hesitating. We encourage you to speak without worrying too much about mistakes because we are convinced that mistakes are useful for learning. We will not continuously interrupt you while you are speaking Spanish, but point out common mistakes after you have finished your contribution. Intercultural aspects are a vital part of learning a language, and so we continuously reflect on cultural characteristics of the hispanic countries and compare them with the students’ own cultures.   

Get to know the language school

The language school, also called ‘Academia’ is the central meeting point for the language students in the pedestrian street of Prado del Rey (read more about Prado del Rey). Here you meet for the Spanish classes and gather before leaving for an excursion. In our office on the second floor of the school building you can ask all your questions about your stay in Prado del Rey to the school’s team, you can talk to the other language students, find out about the excursions and other activities and what’s new. The opening times are from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, in summer from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. In urgent cases, we are available by mobile phone.

At the reception desk, the planned free time activities are announced which you can book optionally at reasonable prices. Some of them are free such as the welcome walk to the viewpoint Cerro Verdugo. If you want to explore the surroundings yourself we help you with the planning and inform you about opening times, traffic connections, hostels, etc. In the travel guides you may borrow at the school’s office you will find detailed information.

‘El bar de Manolo’ or officially called Café-Restaurante ‘Esquina de Carmen’ on the ground floor of the school building is a cozy corner where you find typical Andalusian breakfast, fine tapas, fresh salads and beverages. If you are lucky they will invite you to a small tapa with your beer or wine – this is an old Spanish tradition. On the top of the school building there is a big roof deck terrace from where you can enjoy a wonderful view over Prado del Rey, the hill Cerro Verdugo, the ruins of the castle Castillo de Matrera and the mountains of the Sierra de Cádiz.

Read the article about Prado del Rey to learn more about the town.

The three classrooms have air conditioning and heating available. For bigger groups we have additional rooms available in another building. There are whiteboards that your teacher will use to illustrate the contents of the class and CD-Players which will serve for training your listening comprehension skills.

You can watch Spanish films here in the afternoon or borrow them to watch in your local home, along with the Spanish novels that are available in the school’s library.