Superintensive Spanish course

This superintensive Spanish course is composed of 30 weekly lessons that include Spanish language teaching and historical, cultural and social topics in the Spanish language based on lectures, talks, films, reading activities and whatever the participants propose and agree as additional content to reinforce the practice of Spanish. This superintensive Spanish course is offered in different levels, so it is made for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners of Spanish, as the contents are presented in an accessible way according to the language level of the participants. In reduced groups of 3 to 6 participants you will have the chance to advance very quickly in your learning process and achieve your aims, which of course are always set by yourself. This makes it a highly valuable course for the working people, students and other ambitious people.

The location for this superintensive Spanish course – Prado del Rey – is in one of the most enjoyable White Villages in the Sierra de Cádiz area in Western Andalusia. The autonomous region of Andalusia is situated in Southern Spain, with access to Gibraltar and over the Strait of Gibraltar to Morocco. Prado del Rey is a small town full of social, cultural and economic activity. Its inhabitants – the “Poblaores” who came to this place over 300 years ago to settle down at a virgin place and start a new life, incentivized by Pablo de Olavide during the reign of King Carlos III have made of it what Prado del Rey is today. A White Village with beautifully decorated streets lined with orange and lemon trees and other plants such as jasmine, oleander, diverse flowers and palms as well as open-minded and friendly inhabitants who receive foreign travellers with hospitality and interest towards their culture and mentality. That makes it easy to have conversations with the inhabitants and practice your Spanish in the streets, the cafés, tapas bars, shops and at the market place.

If you feel this course is the right one for you, you can enrol for it filling in the enrolment form. Please select ‘Superintensive course’ in the field ‘Course type’ and add the requested data. If you have any questions, please just contact us.