Language levels

Our levels are defined according to the Common European Framework for Languages.

Level A1

This course is designed for absolute beginners and is meant to be an all in Spanish introduction in the elementary structures of the Spanish language. Most important grammar aspects are: ser and estar, present tense, present perfect, and future tense of the regular and irregular verbs. With communicative exercises, role plays, colloquial idioms, gestures, facial expression and a lot of patience your teacher enables you to communicate in important daily life situations in a simple way.

Afer finishing level A1 you will be able to introduce yourself and other people, ask others for personal information and communicate adequately in situations such as shopping or eating out.

Level A2

After a short revision and deepening of the basic elements this course leads to the correct use of the past tenses (“imperfecto” und “indefinido”). We will use already some authentic materials such as easy newspaper articles, comics, songs or easy literature. In more and more free conversations you will obtain more confidence, a more spontaneous use of the language and the ability to participate actively in basic conversations.

At the end of level A2 you can understand sentences and frequently used expressions (e.g. personal information, family, shopping, work, town), you can communicate in basic situations of the daily routine, where a direct exchange of information about common and familiar things. You can describe where you are from and talk about your job or studies, your direct surroundings and things related to the personal needs.

Level B1

After a short refreshment and deepening of the past tenses from level A2, we add the pluperfect and then we start introducing the Subjuntivo in the present tense. In the course of level B1 you learn the confident use of the Subjuntivo in the present tense and get and introduction of the Subjuntivo in the past tense.

Learning languages is close-knit with the culture, the history, the social and political situation in the country where the language is spoken. Thus we use challenging texts and teaching material in order to impart an authentic picture of today’s Spain (and partly Latin America). Humour, songs, way of life, culture, history, literature, films, idioms, politics, ecomomics, etc. The student’s proposals are taken into consideration whenever it is possible. We set high value on the well-directed enhancement of the conversational techniques. You learn to express yourself better and more confidently in differentiated situations.

At the end of level B1 you can understand the main aspects of conversations or texts about familiar things from work, school or free time related matters if standard language is used. You can manage most of the situations you might experience travelling in Spanish speaking countries. You can talk about familiar issues and personal interests in a simple and coherent way. You can also report on your experience and incidents, describe dreams, hopes and aims and give reasons or explanations on plans and opinions.

Level B2

In this advanced level you are able to communicate in a clear and coherent manner using standard language. Now it is time to learn a bigger variety of methods of verbal expression to be used in a natural and fluent way in conversations and to deepen the knowledge of language and culture of the Spanish speaking world. This course focuses on a wide range of topics with a growing level of difficulty. You learn to connect your statements effectively and to communicate fluently in many different situations. You are able to direct a conversation, to rise to speak and to defend your opinion easily.

If you finish this level you can pass on to the specific preparation for the D.E.L.E. (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera) Nivel Intermedio.

Level C1

This level is designed for students who already dominate the fundamental structures of Spanish grammar but wish to improve their ability to communicate at a conversational level. Students make propositions of aspects they wish to deal with. We revise grammar problems common to non-native speakers as well as the “perífrasis verbales”.
Thus you learn to express your ideas in a more precise, colloquial and fluent manner approaching more and more the level of a native speaker.

Level C2

In the highest level our common aim is to bring your extensive knowledge to perfection. You will be able to easily understand everything you hear or read. You can summarize information from different written or spoken sources, give reasons and explanations in a coherent way. You can express yourself spontaneously, precisely and fluently and reveal fine differences in meaning. Consequently, your way of speaking is very close to a native speaker.