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¡Hola! ¿Qué tal?

First of all we hope you are well and your families and friends, too.

We are a family-run language school in Andalusia and would like to spread the word a little more in these times of confinement. Since in Spain, as in most countries, public life has been restricted by the coronavirus pandemic, we have adapted our methodology to the new challenges and are working to develop it further in view of the “new normality” after the COVID-19 crisis.

With our free online lessons we would like to give you an insight into how fun and entertaining learning Spanish with our native speaking teachers can be and are open to your suggestions and comments.

That’s why we invite you to join us. The maximum number of participants is limited to 6 people per class, just like in our language school.

What do you need for the online classes?

All you need is an Internet connection, a (laptop) computer with a camera or a tablet and, of course, the motivation to learn Spanish. A mobile phone is not enough because the screen is too small.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email to [email protected] or by WhatsApp to Anja +34666302151.

If you want to participate in the free class, please sign up before Thursday, May 7th at 6:00 pm, by filling in the registration form for free online classes.

Start your Spanish learning adventure from your living room!

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We are sure there will be a wonderful time after the successful overcoming of the corona crisis

When travelling will be possible again:

Get to know our Spanish courses in Prado del Rey (Andalusia)

Are you looking for a Spanish course in Spain off the beaten track? Are you interested in learning Spanish in Spain while discovering the beautiful and sunny Andalusia? Our Spanish language school Academia Pradoventura could be the right place for you. We have been offering Spanish courses  in Prado del Rey since 2004. Prado del Rey is one of the most enchanting White Villages in the South of Spain (Andalusia) that is still undiscovered by international tourists.

Academia Pradoventura is a home away from home where students can learn Spanish in the charming white village of Prado del Rey through a cultural and hands-on immersion. Young or old, beginner or advanced, all are welcome to join our Pradoventura family and live the Andalusian way.

You want to go directly to the Spanish courses? We are sure that you will find your course below. Contact us if you would like help deciding which course suits you best.  

Cursos de español para adultos

Spanish for adults

Cursos de español para estudiantes

Spanish for students

Cursos de español para niños

Spanish for schoolchildren







Cursos de español para mayores

Spanish for seniors

Cursos de español para familias

Spanish for families

Cursos de español para grupos escolares

Spanish for school groups






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Learn Spanish immersing yourself in the real Spain and discover the magic of Andalusia 

At our language school, which is an escape from tourist-filled destinations, you can learn Spanish  in a relaxed and family-like atmosphere. In our Intensive Spanish learning programs, you will improve your Spanish quickly all the while connecting with the authentic Andalusian culture, discovering the traditional crafts and the beautiful nature of the Sierra de Cádiz, which has stayed true to its authentic character.

After staying a few days in the traditional Andalusian town of Prado del Rey, you will notice the hospitality of its people and feel more and more integrated, like a local, and adopt their stress-free lifestyle. Like this, your Spanish course becomes an unforgettable language holiday.