Marta tells us about her experience during her internship at our language school

This experience began with the need to find an academy where I could do the internship period for the ELE Master that I was doing online. At that time I was in Algodonales (where my parents currently live), started searching by proximity, and found this academy where I had attended German lessons when I was in high school and lived in Prado. Anja (the director) was my first German teacher. When I contacted her to do an internship at her academy, everything went smoothly.

Marta con los alumnos en las calles de Prado del Rey durante sus prácticas

Personally, I wanted to spend this time in my town where I had not lived for years and where luckily I was able to move to the same day that the internship period began. Additionally, one of my best friends (Carmenxu) would be working there during the same period. I guess the fact that the academy is in Prado, knowing Anja, and having a friend nearby makes everything easier. I already had experience teaching English, but it was the first time I taught Spanish to foreigners. And I loved it! Without a doubt, the best thing about this experience has been sharing time with students whose attitude was the best one could wish for.

We had a great time together, and their words and details confirmed it to me. It’s incredible how quickly connections are created with people who come so eager to interact and learn. They have been a 10/10 to me as persons and also as students. I will always remember them. Although it had only been month, and most of the students spent a week here, we spent the mornings learning a lot during lessons (and also the breakfast breaks in which we would not stop chatting) and the afternoons hiking together (what meant returning to places that are super special to me because of the memories they bring me, such as the Torre Pajarete, and discovering new places that I have fallen in love with, such as the amazing Salto del Cabrero). What I liked most was sharing opinions, reflections, thoughts… on the most random topics. I was amazed by some of the questions and the conversations that arose from there… I felt like we knew each other too much for the short time we had spent together, but I guess it’s easy when we know how to listen and are interested in the people around us. In the end, whatever you do, and whatever situation you are in, what matters is the people with whom you establish a connection, and that is precisely why this adventure will remain in my memories.

In short, I loved the experience 🙂

Marta Hennawi

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