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(Español) Carmen empieza a aprender alemán durante el campamento de inmersión con un grupo de alemanes

In October we held a Spanish immersion camp with a group of secondary school students from a Gymnasium in Germany. During the camp we not only taught the Spanish language and culture to the students, but at the same time the students shared their language and culture with our teachers. At the end of the… Read more »

Survival kit for students of Spanish

Here you can download our survival kit that will help you get along during your stay with us in Prado del Rey. This collection of themes, phrases and expressions will be useful in the situations of daily life such as buying food, ordering in a restaurant, asking for directions or communicating with the people. The… Read more »

Spanish Grammar: Verbs of change (“transformarse and convertirse”)

We know that speaking a foreign language can be difficult, especially uttering those verbs which are extremely similar or the ones which have several meanings. For this reason we want to ease your learning and our native teacher Ana is going to explain the differences between “transformarse” and “convertirse” for the more advanced students. If… Read more »

Offers in the supermarket

Do you know how to buy in Spain? Catch the best offers thanks to the easy explanation of our Spanish teacher Ana, who is going to help us understand the offers in Spanish. Save money in your purchases and misunderstandings in this language, and as a gift you can improve your vocabulary. Academia Pradoventura will… Read more »

Pradoventura students go on scavenger hunt!

A good way to practice what the students learned in class is to go on a scavenger hunt. They have to a card to each establishment (like a supermarket, greengrocer, driving school, restaurant or clothes shop…). The task will be done following the instructions on each card, like where to go next and what to… Read more »