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Spanish grammar: “saber” vs. “conocer” (to know)

Some Spanish verbs are difficult to use for students of the Spanish language. Not their grammatical difficulties but for their meaning and context, and in English or other languages they are translated with the same verb. Here we present you two verbs that translate to one single verb in English, the verb to know. Therefore, our teacher Irene… Read more »

Spanish grammar: Use of the prepositions por and para

use of the prepositions por and para

The different uses of the prepositions por and para can be confusing for students who are learning Spanish. In the following video Irene will explain in which case to use por and in which one para. Once you have seen the expanation and examples it won’t be difficult for you to distinguish between these prepositions… Read more »

Vídeotutorial de gramática: María José explica cómo usar los verbos ser y estar

Este vídeo es el segundo de nuestra serie de vídeotutoriales de gramática. En la edición de hoy os queremos ayudar a usar con más seguridad los verbos ser y estar. Como esta diferencia no existe en otros idiomas es especialmente importante de estudiarlo. En inglés tanto “ser” como “estar” significan “to be”. En alemán se… Read more »