Teaching is listening, learning is talking por dkuropatwa, en Flickr


At Academia Pradoventura we apply an effective methodology following the latest teaching approaches adapted to our student’s needs. Our focus is the students’ communication and active participation in class and outside of it. The goal of our classes is more than learning grammar and vocabulary, but rather facilitating interactive exercises such as conversation, debates, role plays, etc. We encourage our students to apply what they learn in class out in the street with the locals. Native speakers and teachers often accompany them on outings such as shopping, asking for directions , interviewing locals, etc. Each learning group consists of 3-8 students based on their previous knowledge and selected course, thus fostering an intensive learning process.

From the first day on we speak Spanish in class, while supporting a safe learning zone. Our teachers pay special attention to the progress of each student making it a personable learning environment. English can be used as a fall back tool if necessary. The practical exercises make the students aware of their own continuous progress. After the first lesson, our students will be able to say goodbye and “see you tomorrow” in Spanish, which is a great first step.