We inform the teachers of the German School Seville about deutsch.info

At this year’s intercultural German-Spanish camp, we brought together a group of young Spanish people who are learning German with a group of young people from a school in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) who are learning Spanish. The groups were accompanied by their respective teachers. The primary school coordinator and the subject leader for bilingual learning came from the German school in Seville.

While the Spanish and German youngsters were engrossed in the farewell activity after three days of living together at the camp, which consisted of them leaving each other messages in self-designed notebooks as souvenirs, we had the opportunity to talk to the staff of the German School in Seville about the Erasmus+ Deutsch.info project and our involvement in it.

They were surprised to learn about the useful tools already available, such as the deutsch.info platform for levels A1 to B2, the teaching materials available on the platform and the app DerDieDas for practising the articles. They also considered the current development project of the app Deutsch-Start for beginners to be interesting, as it may be suitable for parents who want to start learning German themselves.

informamos a profesoras del Colegio Alemán sobre proyecto Erasmus+ Deutsch.info

All in all, it was a successful camp from which both the German and Spanish youngsters will take away many great memories. Thank you to everyone who helped with the organisation and realisation.

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