Spanish courses for Seniors 50+

50+ Spanish Course

Spanish course for seniors 50+

50+ Spanish Course

20 weekly lessons

The Spanish courses for the 50 + generation are tailored to the needs of people over 50 years. You have a different learning pace and different topics of conversation, not the same as younger people. You learn Spanish for leisure, or sometimes for your job, but mainly to be able to travel through Spain and Latin America without being limited by the language barrier. And you are not limited to the school or university holidays. We propose special dates for you in spring and autumn, which is when Andalusia shows itself from its best side with pleasant temperatures. More info

Basic Course “Spanish for Travelling”

Spanish Course Generation 50+

Spanish course “without grammar”

10 weekly lessons

In this course you learn the most importatn expressions, phrases and sentences to be able to communicate when you travel to Spanish speaking countries. For that purpose you do not need to deepen the language or learn grammar. In this course you get the tools to not depend on English speaking tourist guides any more on your trips. More info