Spanish grammar: Temporal clauses with cuando/cuándo

In the Spanish grammar the use of the temporal clauses is an important topic that the students of Spanish study in the level B1. The temporal clauses indicate the time when the action in the main clause happens, and they always begin with a conjunction. Cuando is the most used conjunction due to the different meanings that it can give to the sentence.

In this videotutorial the Spanish teacher Ángeles Guerrero explains the correct use of the temporal clauses with the conjunction “cuando/cuándo” and when to use it with indicative and when with subjunctive. She also shows when cuándo is written with an accent and when it goes without an accent.

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In the chart you can see the overview of the temporal clauses with cuando that Ángeles showed you on the whiteboard. To practice with it, just save the picture to your device. oraciones temporales con cuandoWe hope this video could help you to improve your Spanish and to understand better how to use the temporal clauses correctly. Now it’s your turn, practice and have fun!

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  1. Gildas

    Me gustaron la clase y las explicación de la sra Ángeles. Me gustaría seguir aprendiendo el español con ustedes. Hasta pronto

    • Academia Pradoventura

      Muchas gracias por dejarnos tu comentario. Nos alegra leer que te ha gustado la explicación de nuestra profesora de español. Si nos sigues en las redes sociales puedes descubrir más clases e informaciones sobre la lengua española. ¡Un saludo!


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