My language camp experience

My experience

What happens when young people of two nationalities with very different interests spend one whole week together? Lots of fun! Naturally (pun intended) they took part in a variety of activities like making (leather) bracelets, „studying“ animal prints, a scavenger hunt at night, zip-line, climbing, archery and many more. The activities were of course all held in Spanish and all the kids and teenagers took part in it, which made for a diverse group of Spanish natives from all over Andalusia and language exchange students from the Frankfurt region in Germany. This diversity led to a very helpful and fun exchange between Spanish and German students practicing Spanish, German and English (as the first foreign language for most of them) casually in addition to their daily Spanish or German lessons. The self-consciousness and shyness that is usually present at the beginning faded pretty quickly and at the end of the week there was a significant improvement in their language skills.

In their free time they were able to just relax alone or engage in different sports activities, play board games in the game room or relax in the pool (with a lifeguard present of course). To keep up their energy delicious food and snacks were provided five times a day. Finally, on the last evening a fiesta was held, full of music, dancing and heartwarming goodbyes.

The kids definitely had a blast that week – they made great friends, got to know different cultures, improved their language skills and took part in so many different and exciting activities that there was no time to be bored.

But they were not the only ones benefiting that week. I joined the camp, which took place between the 7th and the 14th of July, as a volunteer German teaching assistant and animator since I like working with kids and wanted to improve my Spanish. It was lots of fun talking and playing with the kids and thankfully my language skills also improved. So in conclusion: ¡hasta la próxima!

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