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Practical Spanish class to celebrate the Day of Andalusia

On February 28 our language school dressed in color and laughter for the day of Andalusia. All the team members prepared interesting activities so that the students felt immersed in the Andalusian culture, since, starting from our philosophy, we understand that culture is a fundamental part of learning Spanish as a foreign language. Want to… Read more »

Spanish grammar: “saber” vs. “conocer” (to know)

Some Spanish verbs are difficult to use for students of the Spanish language. Not their grammatical difficulties but for their meaning and context, and in English or other languages they are translated with the same verb. Here we present you two verbs that translate to one single verb in English, the verb to know. Therefore, our teacher Irene… Read more »

Season’s greetings

Os deseamos feliz Navidad y que vuestro 2016 sea lleno de salud, felicidad, éxito y amor. Os agradeceros la confianza que habéis depositado en nosotros y los momentos felices que habéis compartido con nosotros durante estos 11 años. Nos alegraría mucho volver a veros en 2016. Este año os felicitamos con esta versión flamenca del… Read more »

Pradoventura team organizes an exchange meeting with Spanish people

Last Wednesday, we organized an exchange afternoon, a very interesting experience where the students could speak Spanish with natives. Previously, the students had prepared a list with questions to start the conversation with the people who were participating in the meeting. The event took place at the viewpoint of Prado del Rey, where we enjoyed the… Read more »

Academia Pradoventura support a project for the conservation of the local natural parks

Collaboration with the environmental association O-Live          The team of Academia Pradoventura cares a lot about the environment. That is why we have decided to support the Environmental Association O-Live in its work to integrate sustainable rural development, conservation of biodiversity, applied research and ecotourism in a project to protect and to value… Read more »