Learning how to go shopping in Spanish in Prado del Rey

At Academia Pradoventura, we apply what the students learned in theory in class to real life. So we take our students to places where they can practice their foreign language and talk to the natives.

Those practical activities are very helpful to learn to be independent in every other Spanish speaking city.

It’s important to talk with native speakers, not only to get used to the accent of a region, but to understand some characteristics of the culture, too; like how people treat each other or how helpful they are.

Last week, our students learned the vocabulary you need for buying things, including greengrocers, butcheries, clothes shops and hotels. At first, they rehearsed some common expressions in the classroom, then used them later in typical situations at the shops. They asked the shop assistants questions like: when it is their turn to buy, what the opening hours are, the price of a product, the right size of a piece of cloth, etc.

This way, our students learn some new vocabulary and talk to native speakers. For example they had to ask people on the street where a greengrocer or a butchery is.

Of course there are some difficulties, for example when someone speaks very fast or uses complicated words, but this exercise also helps to determine those who could help in real situations and who don’t.

Why don’t you become part of our group? It will be fun!

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2 Responses to “Learning how to go shopping in Spanish in Prado del Rey”

  1. Anna Farruggio

    It looks very interesting but I would prefer to enrol around end of July/August does that mean there will only be young students in the class.?

    • Academia Pradoventura

      Hi Anna,
      Thank you for your question. In July and August there are families with children, parents and children learning Spanish in separate classes. There are also young adults and not so young adults, that depend on school or university holidays. So, ages are mixed. I hope this helps.


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