Pradoventura students go on scavenger hunt!

A good way to practice what the students learned in class is to go on a scavenger hunt. They have to a card to each establishment (like a supermarket, greengrocer, driving school, restaurant or clothes shop…). The task will be done following the instructions on each card, like where to go next and what to do there. They are always related to daily situations, for example asking for the price of a product or to search for something specific. Of course questions related to culture and history are included, like who founded Prado del Rey or which the popular festivals of this village are.

To do so, the students have to ask the locals for directions, so it’s impossible for them not to practice speaking Spanish with native speakers.

It’s a very fun and constructive way to learn and to practice. With these skills, students will be able to get along without problems in any Spanish city.

Become part of Pradoventura and enjoy this experience!


Here are some pictures of the scavenger hunt:

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