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Spanish grammar: Use of the prepositions por and para

use of the prepositions por and para

The different uses of the prepositions por and para can be confusing for students who are learning Spanish. In the following video Irene will explain in which case to use por and in which one para. Once you have seen the expanation and examples it won’t be difficult for you to distinguish between these prepositions… Read more »

Conversation class: What would you like to order?

The conversation classes at our Spanish language school are an extra that we give to the participants of the Spanish courses for university students for free once a week. They are a creative space where the students choose the topics they are interested in and the teachers propose interactive activities that give them the opportunity… Read more »

Spanish grammar: Conjugation of irregular verbs in the present tense

In a previous post you learned how to use the Spanish regular verbs in the present tense, but like in other languages in Spanish there are irregularities in the verb forms. So now we will see the conjugation of irregular verbs in the present tense. In this videotutorial Marina will explain the irregularities, which we… Read more »