Spanish grammar: The verb “gustar”

Me gusta aprender español ¿Y a ti? ¿Te gusta?  – Sí, a mí también me gusta.

The Spanish verb gustar is translated with to like.

I like to learn Spanish. And you? Do you like it? – Yes, I also like to learn Spanish.

In Spanish some verbs have the subject after the verb, and they always have an indirect object pronoun. One of these verbs is gustar, which can be a little complicated for students of Spanish. At Academia Pradoventura, we like to make life easier for you, so our teacher Marina Castillo has recorded the following video tutorial explaining the different uses of the verb gustar.


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This table might be useful to remember how to use the verb gustar. It is exaclty what the teacher explains in the video.

verbo gustar de vd

¡We like to help all the students of Spanish! And we hope that we have helped you with this video. If you have any question, you can leave us a commento on the blog and we will answer you. ¡Mucha suerte!

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