Mountain biking is ideal for exploring the mountain area if you are used to riding up and down hills. You are able to reach places which you could never reach in one day by foot. At the same time, you ride slowly enough to discover the details around you which you would not see traveling by car.

Riding a bike in Prado del Rey itself is only fun for sporty mountain bikers or racing cyclists, as due to the reason that our place is located on a hill, all tours are quite exhausting, as one always has to go back up the mountain at the end.

An especially good tour for everybody, also for children, is the “Vía Verde de la Sierra“, a former railway line with tunnels and viaducts through a stunning landscape where you cannot get by car. The big advantage of this route is that you ride through the mountains without steep ascents. One of the most breathtaking milestones of the route is the Peñón de Zaframagón” where you can observe the vultures entering their nests built on the vertical rocks. You can do different parts of the Via Verde, the complete route is 80 km from Puerto Serrano to Olvera and back.