Spanish Teacher training

Didactics and perfecting course for non-native Spanish teachers

This course is designed for non-native teachers or students of philology careers who will become Spanish teachers in the near future.

The objectives of the course are:

  • Catching up regarding the latest methodological trends
  • Reviewing the grammatical aspects that mostly cause problems to students (ser and estar, por and para, etc.)
  • Learning about cultural, literary, historical and current aspects of Spain and Latin America
  • Improving the skills to develop lesson plans, schedules and complementary activities
  • Exchanging ideas and experiences in a panel discussion with teachers and other participants with respect to the diversity of activities in class, active student motivation, resolution of conflicts in the class and other issues of interest that arise.

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The course program has been developed by our team of teachers, taking into account current trends in methodology and didactics of the Master in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language of the University of Seville. We tailor the course content to the needs of the participants that we identify through a questionnaire that we send them a month in advance.

In this course you will be able to expand your knowledge of teaching in the Spanish class, to take home new ideas for activities in your classes, to answer your questions and to share experiences with our team of teachers.

Non-native speakers that come to our language school accompanying a group of students enrolled in an intensive course have significant discounts on this course which can be an interesting addition to your training and teaching experience.

Duration: 1-2 weeks