Medical Spanish

The medical Spanish course is for doctors, health practitioners and students of medicine who need Spanish for their work. The course has a practical focus on improving your oral expression skills in patient
interviewing, reading medical texts and using the specific medical vocabulary related to the day-to-day practice in clinics or hospitals in Spanish-speaking countries.

We recommend a minimum level of A2 for this course. If you do not have the A2 level yet you may take a general Spanish course before the medical Spanish course.

General objectives

  • Deepen the knowledge of the Spanish language and perfect the communication in Spanish
  • Optimize the oral capabilities of expression with Spanish speaking persons in the health sector
  • Increase and improve the reading comprehension of specialized medical texts in Spanish
  • Give general information about the psychosocial qualities of the Spanish speaking persons
  • Give general information about the Spanish healthcare system

Special objectives

  • Transmit the language skills to the student that enable him/her to:
  • Learn to use an important part of the medical basic vocabulary
  • Communicate with a Spanish speaking person about medical issues
  • Maintain an effective doctor-patient-interview in Spanish
  • Record the personal data of a patient in writing
  • Express suggestions or advice to a patient orally or in writing
  • Transmit basic knowledge of the colloquial language of a Spanish patient to the student

General contents

  • Special Spanish for medical professionals
  • Doctor-patient dialogue
  • Medical vocabulary regarding complaints and symptoms in colloquial language
  • General anatomy vocabulary
  • Most important diseases of the organs and systems of the human body.
  • Suggestions and instructions to the patient
  • General characteristics of the Spanish healthcare system
  • Structure and function of the most important humanitarian aid organizations in Spanish speaking countries (Doctors Without Borders, Red Cross, etc.)

The location for this medical Spanish course – Prado del Rey – is in one of the most enjoyable White Towns in the Sierra de Cádiz area in Western Andalusia. The autonomous region Andalusia is situated in Southern Spain, with access to Gibraltar and over the Strait of Gibraltar to Morocco. Prado del Rey is a small town full of social, cultural and economic activity. Its inhabitants – the “Poblaores” who came to this place over 300 years ago to settle down at a virgin place and start a new life, incentivized by Pablo de Olavide during the reign of King Carlos III have made of it what Prado del Rey is today. A White Town with beautifully decorated streets lined with orange and lemon trees and other plants such as jasmine, oleander, diverse flowers and palms as well as open-minded and friendly inhabitants who receive foreign travellers with hospitality and interest towards their culture and mentality.

If you think this course is for you, you can enrol for it filling in the enrolment form. Please select ‘Medical Spanish’ in the field ‘Course type’ and add the requested data. Click here to access directly to the enrolment form.

Dates: 06.07. and 07.09.2014

Additional dates: 16.02. / 16.03.2014

Price: 565 €

The course price includes:

  • 2 weeks with 20 weekly lessons of 45 minutes especially focused on medical language.
  • Placement test
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Accommodation in a double room in a shared apartment

Additionally other types of accommodation can be booked:

Single room: € 45 per week

Single apartment for 1 or 2 persons: € 145 per person per week

Host family in a single room with half board: € 155 per week, with full board: € 205 per week