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Interview with our Spanish teacher Irene Cañas Moreno

Our associates from an agency that represents our language school school us came to visit us in Prado del Rey and interviewed our teachers on the occasion of their visit with many interesting questions about teaching Spanish and learning languages and we want to share their answers with you. Some of you readers of the blog know Irene, Ángeles and Marina and their tips will be useful for you. And for the rest of you who do not know them yet, the interviews are certainly helpful for you to get an idea of what to expect in your Spanish at our language school in Prado del Rey.

Spanish, a language with a great future

There are 495 millions of Spanish-speakers and about 18 million spanish learners on this globe. It is possible for this language to be the language of the future? This interesting article in the Spanish online newspaper „el“ points out the importance of the Spanish language in the world. We recommend this article not only… Read more »