Is it smarter to travel in groups?

This video made ​​me laugh out loud and also made my flesh crawl, especially the scene of the ants, and I want to share it with you.

Furthermore, the video has also made me think about the advantages and disadvantages of traveling by bus.

As many of our students come to Prado del Rey by public bus, I know many arguments for and against it, according to the experiences that they tell us.

Among the advantages there are undoubtedly the following :

  • In the adventure of traveling to Spain , the bus trip is a good opportunity to practice your knowledge of Spanish , even if you just learned to say “Un billete a Prado del Rey, por favor. “
  • While traveling you can listen to the conversations of the people traveling with you and get an idea what they are talking about through the key words that you understand.
  • You can ask questions to the people sitting around you – if you dare. Many students tell us that they have had conversations with elder people who have told them about their life. Many of them emigrated to another country (mostly to Germany , Switzerland and France) at some point in their life and they like to talk to foreigners. Or that young people have given them advice about the places they should visit in Andalucia.
  • At the bus stops on the trip from Jerez, Seville and Malaga to Prado del Rey you see many picturesque White Villages and you can see how the landscape changes as you approach the Sierra de Cádiz. Many students are impressed by the blue lakes that you can see on the way. And others are surprised by the ability of the drivers to maneuver the bus.
  • Going by bus is quite cheap compared to other means of transport, including the train, or a rental car.
  • Last but not least, going by bus is more respectful to the environment than going by car. This is evident but since today is Earth Day, it has to be highlighted.
autobus Los Amarillos para llegar a Prado del Rey

Then, as with everything, there are also drawbacks. The students mentioned the following :

  • If the bus schedule does not match well with your arrival by plane you have to wait a few hours at the bus station. Many students take advantage of that time to walk around the city and leave their luggage in a locker. Others prefer not to move from the bus station, to be sure that they don’t get lost and miss the bus.
  • You can get sick because of the bends. On the way from Jerez or Seville to Prado del Rey there are not many bends, but the trip from Malaga to Prado del Rey goes through many villages of the Sierra where there are quite a few bends. It is good idea to sit in front where the movements of the bus in the bends are less noticeable.
  • It takes longer than by car because the stops in every village. On the trip from Jerez or Seville to Prado del Rey it’s not a problem because the journey takes 1 ½ hours or 2 hours respectively. The bus from Malaga to Villamartin takes 3 hours and 45 minutes and then another 15 minutes from Villamartin to Prado del Rey on another bus with an hour waiting time in between. Depending on how much you can save on flights to Malaga with respect to a flight to Jerez or Seville it may be worth taking upon yourself the slightly more uncomfortable journey.
  • You may be afraid of not finding the right bus or not being able to intercommunicate if you are a beginner and your knowledge of Spanish is zero or very basic. If you thought you could communicate in English at the bus station or the bus driver, you discovered that it is not like that. This is regrettable because in many other countries you get through with your English. On the other hand this is an advantage because you are compelled to communicate in Spanish from the first moment – another incentive to learn Spanish.
  • You might be worried not to get off the bus at the right stop. If you are used to well signposted bus stops in your country, you will discover that it is different here when you come to Andalucia. Apparently everyone knows where they’re going and know the villages that they cross 😉 I suggest that you sit near the driver and ask him to advise you when you get to Prado del Rey, where there are two bus stops. You can get off at either one but it is the best to get off at the bus station, from where you only have to go straight (following the map we sent you) and you’re on the pedestrian street in front of the café-bar La Esquina de Carmen (meeting place) and the language school (above the bar).

Can you think of more advantages or disadvantages? What is your experience of traveling by public bus in your country and abroad?


Author : Anja Dibbert

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