Legal Spanish

This special Spanish course is for students of Law and people who work in the legal-administrative sector (lawyers, notaries, judges, etc.) and prepares the participants for working in a Spanish speaking country.

The course takes place at our language school in Spain, in one of the White Villages in the South of Andalusia.


General Objectives

  • Increase knowledge of Spanish and improve communication in Spanish
  • Optimize the oral communication with Spanish-speaking people in the legal and administrative area
  • Improve and increase reading comprehension of specialized legal and administrative texts
  • Convey information about the specific characteristics of Spanish texts in the legal and administrative area
  • Provide information about the characteristics of the legal language.

Specific Objectives

  • Give the students the language skills that enable them to
    • learn an important part of the legal and administrative vocabulary
    • communicate using terms and structures of legal jargon with Spanish-speaking person
    • recognize the linguistic features in legal texts
    • interpret legal terminology in texts
  • Ensure that the students acquire basic knowledge, which enables them to understand the legal and administrative terminology in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries

General contents

  • Special Spanish for law students and employees in the legal and administrative area
  • Filling in forms and contracts correctly
  • Exercises with legal documents (reports, actions, acts, etc. )
  • Simulation of trials
  • Exercises for reading comprehension of newspaper texts with legal jargon
  • Discussions
  • Exercises with letters and e-mails
  • Writing letters of application and CVs.


This legal Spanish course can take place between March and October. To make sure that the classes take place even though there are not a minimum of 3 students enrolled we offer the following guarantee of tuition:

In case a group of one language level is composed of less than 3 people, the classes are held anyway. Due to the more intensive classes, the tuition time is reduced to 2/3 with 2 people and to ½ with one person.


1 week: € 315

2 weeks € 480

The course price includes :

  • 2 weeks 20 hours per week of 45 minutes of specific lessons for the legal and administrative area
  • Placement test
  • Certificate of participation

Accommodation options

    • Double or triple room in a shared apartment (recommended for students with a lower budget)
    • Single room in a shared apartment
    • Individual apartment for 1 or 2 people
    • Homestay with a Spanish family in a single room with half board or full board
    • Hotel Caico’s
    • Hotel Del Carmen
    • Hotel Huerta Dorotea
    • Aparthotel 4 Vientos

    Please see the accommodation prices in our price list or contact us.