Spanish for tourism

This course Spanish for tourism is aimed at people who work in the tourism sector, i.e. travel agencies, touroperators, hotels, etc. and students who study tourism.

General objectives

  • Increase knowledge of Spanish and improve knowledge in this language
  • Optimize oral communication with Spanish speakers in the tourism sector
  • Facilitate the comprehensive reading of texts and messages related to this language
  • Provide general information on the characteristics of the texts of the tourism sector in Spanish
  • Provide general information on the tourism sector in Spain

Specific objectives

  • Help the student acquire a command of the Spanish language that allows him to:
  • – to obtain part of the basic vocabulary that is used in the tourism sector,
  • – to communicate using terms and structures of this type of language with a Spanish person
  • Help the student acquire basic notions that allow him to understand the language used in the tourism sector

General Contents

  • Specific Spanish for students and professionals in the tourism sector
  • Filling in forms, reservations, etc.
  • Simulation of situations: in a hotel, in a travel agency, in an event agency, organization of conventions and congresses
  • Comprehension of messages containing tourism sector specific terms
  • Correspondence and e-mail practices

El español del turismo, Edinumen