Spanish grammar: Conjugation of irregular verbs in the present tense

In a previous post you learned how to use the Spanish regular verbs in the present tense, but like in other languages in Spanish there are irregularities in the verb forms. So now we will see the conjugation of irregular verbs in the present tense. In this videotutorial Marina will explain the irregularities, which we can divide in four classifications, and give us some hints how to remember them.

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Below you will find a conjugation chart showing what Marina had written on the whiteboard with the forms of the irregular verbs, the hints that Marina mentioned like the “boot” and examples of the different irregularities.

verbos irregulares presente gramática española nivel A1verbos irregulares español gramática nivel A1

There are only two ways of learning how to use the irregular verbs correctly. Learn them by heart or listen and read very much in Spanish. The first way is the quicker one even though not the most fun way.
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