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The descendants of the Sephardies (Spanish Jews) can obtain the Spanish citizenship

The Spanish government approved on Friday the bill amending the Civil Code to grant Spanish citizenship to all descendants of Sephardim (Spanish Jews) who apply for it and certify that status while they may retain the citizenship of their country of origin. The Sephardi Jews were the Jews who lived in Spain before their expulsion during… Read more »

Interview with our Spanish teacher Marina Castillo

We go on with the interviews that our associates from an agency that represents our courses abroad during their visit. Today it is Marina Castillo’s turn.  You can see the interviews with Irene Cañas and Ángeles Guerrero in the previous blog posts. We hope that Marina’s answers and tipps for learning languages are useful for you, whether you have… Read more »

Happy World Book Day!

It is clear, we gain a lot from reading, it gives us the possiblity to live several lives instead of only one, it helps us to put ourselves in the other’s place, it opens our horizon, it boosts our imagination, and much more. And if we make good use of our reading time and read in the language that we are learning, we kill two birds with one stone.