How aims and perseverance help you to learn languages

Matt Perren had an aim: to create a stop-motion video lip-synching the song “Don’t stop me now” by Queen composed of 1011 photos of himself (selfies) every day for 3 years. He achieved it and in this video you can see the awesome result. It is worth watching it several times to observe the details.

What impresses me most of this boy is his perseverance to maintain the habit of taking a picture of himself every day. And the picture had to show the exact gesture required that day. So I imagine that it took him several tries to achieve it.

¿What does this have to do with learning languages?

Well, I think this project can be applied to learning a language. Having a clear aim as well as pursuing it with perseverance is the key to achieve the desired level in the language that we want to learn. And dedicating a bit of our time to the language every day. And not making exceptions nor allowing ourselves excuses such as “Today I don’t feel like studying”, “Today I don’t have time” or “Today I’m too busy”. Imagine that Matt Perren would have decided to not taking a picture one day and another day and another day. Don’t you think his project would have failed?

To expose ourselves to the Spanish language every day we don’t necessarily have to go to a Spanish speaking country and we don’t have to sit down and study hard. We have many Spanish songs available in Spanish radio programs online and on platforms like Spotify or in Youtube. In the social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.)  we can get connected to people from Spanish speaking countries who learn Spanish to do language exchange. There are films, series, documentaries and videos. We can choose the topics that we find most exciting and look for information in Spanish. I’m sure that you have more ideas. The important thing is to integrate Spanish in your daily routine. When are you going to start your project?

Change the language of your Facebook account settings y en la Twitter account settings to Spanish as a first step today.

Author: Anja Dibbert

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