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Spanish Grammar: Verbs of change (“transformarse and convertirse”)

We know that speaking a foreign language can be difficult, especially uttering those verbs which are extremely similar or the ones which have several meanings. For this reason we want to ease your learning and our native teacher Ana is going to explain the differences between “transformarse” and “convertirse” for the more advanced students. If… Read more »

Offers in the supermarket

Do you know how to buy in Spain? Catch the best offers thanks to the easy explanation of our Spanish teacher Ana, who is going to help us understand the offers in Spanish. Save money in your purchases and misunderstandings in this language, and as a gift you can improve your vocabulary. Academia Pradoventura will… Read more »

How to introduce yourself in Spanish?

Do you want to meet and greet new people in Spain? Our Spanish teacher Odalis will teach you how to introduce yourselves, and thanks to the questions and answers provided by our students and their teacher, you will be able to introduce yourselves to any Spanish speaking person and get to know new people easily…. Read more »

The charity festival on our 10th anniversary was an unforgettable event

The charity festival we celebrated last Saturday, August 23 at the main square of Prado del Rey to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Academia Pradoventura was a success in all senses. The aim of the festival to raise funds for the construction of an old people’s home in Prado del Rey was fulfilled successfully. By selling drinks and the delicious dishes prepared by… Read more »

Interview with our Spanish teacher Irene Cañas Moreno

Our associates from an agency that represents our language school school us came to visit us in Prado del Rey and interviewed our teachers on the occasion of their visit with many interesting questions about teaching Spanish and learning languages and we want to share their answers with you. Some of you readers of the blog know Irene, Ángeles and Marina and their tips will be useful for you. And for the rest of you who do not know them yet, the interviews are certainly helpful for you to get an idea of what to expect in your Spanish at our language school in Prado del Rey.

About the Holy Three Kings in Spain

regalar un abrazo el día de Reyes Magos

Read the following text about the celebration of the Holy Three Kings in Spain in Spanish. This will help you train you reading comprehension skills in Spanish and you will learn interesting things about Spanish culture. At the end of the text you will find the vocabulary in italic translated to English. Los Reyes Magos… Read more »