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Spanish Grammar: Verbs of change (“transformarse and convertirse”)

We know that speaking a foreign language can be difficult, especially uttering those verbs which are extremely similar or the ones which have several meanings. For this reason we want to ease your learning and our native teacher Ana is going to explain the differences between “transformarse” and “convertirse” for the more advanced students. If… Read more »

Offers in the supermarket

Do you know how to buy in Spain? Catch the best offers thanks to the easy explanation of our Spanish teacher Ana, who is going to help us understand the offers in Spanish. Save money in your purchases and misunderstandings in this language, and as a gift you can improve your vocabulary. Academia Pradoventura will… Read more »

The descendants of the Sephardies (Spanish Jews) can obtain the Spanish citizenship

The Spanish government approved on Friday the bill amending the Civil Code to grant Spanish citizenship to all descendants of Sephardim (Spanish Jews) who apply for it and certify that status while they may retain the citizenship of their country of origin. The Sephardi Jews were the Jews who lived in Spain before their expulsion during… Read more »

Activity for the Spanish class: The Spanish sayings

Curso de español para adultos

Dieser Post richtet sich an Spanischlehrer, die das Thema der Sprichwörter in der spanischen Sprache im Unterricht verwenden möchten. Es ist für eine Konversationsstunde gedacht, in der die Schüler die Gelegenheit haben, die Bedeutung der Sprichwörter zu diskutieren und gemeinsam oder in Kleingruppen herauszufinden.