Everything prepared for the charity party in Prado del Rey

In Prado del Rey everything is prepared for the Charity Party tomorrow 23 August 2014 in favour of an old people’s home.  We’re waiting for you!

fiesta benéfica en Prado del Rey

All day from 10:00 am there will be a craft market, a bouncy castle for children, food and drink. The money raised by the sale of food and drink will be for a better future of the elderly. There will be delicious food prepared by the members of the foundation María Isabel Rodriguez Peñalver de Nuestra Señora del Carmen: Canapés, Spanish omelette, fried peppers, gazpacho, etc.

At night we have a varied program of attractive performances:

21:00 – 21:30 Comedian “Andreu Malafuente”
21:30 – 22:30 Theater group “Sin Complejos”
22:45 – 23:30 Flamenco singing and guitar “Ana Suárez and José Antonio Maza”
23:30 – 00:15 “Rock group of the Music School”
00:15 – 01:00 “Dance animation with DJ Carlos Merecumbe”

The newspaper “La Voz de Cádiz” announces the party in today’s edition.  http://www.lavozdigital.es/cadiz/v/20140822/sierra/velada-benefica-para-recaudar-20140822.html

To get further information about the foundation María Isabel Rodríguez Peñalver de Ntra. Sra. del Carmen or to become a member its chairman Juan Mariscal is available on the number +34608857546.

For us organizing this charity party for a better future of the elderly of Prado del Rey and the surrounding villages, on the 10th anniversary of Academia Pradoventura is a wonderful task. We hope that many people come to spend a good day and help with this project.

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